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The Adventure Club at CIFF 2016

55The Adventure Club

Director: Geoff Anderson


Ricky, the leader of the Adventure Club really just wants to go on an adventure, just like his grandfather did before he died. One night, while Ricky is going through his late grandfather’s things, he finds a mysterious key in his grandfather’s office. Ricky then summons an emergency meeting of the Adventure Club, to go and solve all the secrets this key might unlock.

I enjoyed the way this film was  shot. Each scene seemed well planned. Perhaps the cinematographers could have taken more risks, but for a family audience it was comfortable. Everyone in the audience really liked this one scene in particular which was in the museum. The Adventure Club gang had to hide from the security guard in the museum and every time the security guard walked through the scene the kids were cleverly hiding in plain sight!

This film was also comedic. There were moments in the movie where the kids in the audience laughed, and others when it was the parents chuckling. That is super important when it comes to making a family film, there should be something for everyone. The fact that the cast includes members of the cast of the TV show Corner Gas and  Billy Zane definitely helped make the adults laugh, and the Adventure Club’s adult friend (played by Canadian acting legend Kim Coates!) was so crazy that the kids couldn’t help but laugh at his ridiculousness. 

Most of the time the adult actors were big scene stealers (because most of them were comedians) and sometimes it seemed like they were trying to out funny each other! Sometimes the fact that they were trying so hard took the spotlight away from the main characters of the film; the kids!

On the down side, older kids may find this film predictable. You have your typical trio of kids (the leader boy, the smart girl and the goofball boy) who find this magical item that some bad guys are looking for. With the help of a kooky adult they must stop the evil guys from acquiring the magical item. It was nice to see the great acting job done by young lead actor Sam Ashe Arnold as Ricky. Ricky learned some valuable lessons and brought his club closer together.  

Sam Ashe Arnold who plays Ricky decided drop by for the screening and I asked him a couple questions:

Q: Do plan on becoming an actor as a full time career?

A: Ya, I’ve already done around nine other films and short films. I really love acting, it’s what I want to do for life.

Q: What is your favourite part about acting?

A: I’ve always loved storytelling, so that’s my favourite part for sure.

Q: Do you have any upcoming films?

A: Ya, I have a film called High Rise Rescue which is going to be on Super Channel!

To conclude, this film was entertaining for many of the young kids in the audience and the parents that they brought along.

Parents, take your kids to the festival on Saturday October 1st at 2:15 at Eau Claire if you’d like to go see a movie that’s actually kid friendly! 


What to See at the Calgary International Film Festival 2016

This year I previewed some short films as well as a few feature films for the Calgary International Film Festival. In return I got a festival pass that lets me see all the movies I want! Here’s a list of some of the films I am most excited about.

Burn Your Maps


This movie has Jacob Tremblay from Room in it! It’s bound to be good!

Girl Asleep

This film is about a fifteen year old girl whose parents throw her a surprise birthday party! That seems like such an intriguing plot line!

Cheer Up



A documentary about cheerleaders from Finland. That sounds so strange I have to see it!

Considering Love and Other Magic

A storyline that involves a 14 year old boy that thinks he’s a work of fiction? Sign me up!


This film sounds so cool. It’s about an 18 year old Afghan girl who immigrates to Tehran and wants to pursue a career in art and music – but her family wants her to get married. Sounds intense and topical!

Hello Destroyer


This movie is about a fourteen year old boy who must deal with the consequences of being violent in a hockey game. Sounds relatable, I have a bunch of friends who play hockey.


This movie is about a female wrestler and is written by the dad of one of my friends! This film is the Closing Gala movie and I’m so excited to go!



Visit http://www.calgaryfilm.com/schedule to see all of the dates and times for these movies at the calgary International Film Festival,  which is from Wednesday September 21st to Sunday October 2nd!




Here are some movies that I would totally see, if I was just a couple years older.

It’s Only The End of The World

This is a Xavier Dolan movie. Enough said.

Operation Avalanche

This is about the conspiracy that the moon landing was staged and not real. Who wouldn’t want to see that?


Trespass Against Us


This film has Brendan Gleeson, who I know from Harry Potter and The Grand Seduction (a CIFF opening Gala film from a few years ago). Plus it has Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

Comment to let me know which movies you’re excited to see at the festival! 

Here’s a link to my review of  CIFF 2013’s opening gala film The Grand Seduction.


Don’t Be Scared of Subtitles, Movies from Other Countries are Cool Too.

Thorncastle_A0_no_logos_WEBOne of the family fare films coming to CIFF 2013 is called “Thorn Castle”. It’s a movie made in Hungary about a boy from the city going to the countryside for summer vacation to learn how to survive in the wild. His name is Gyula. His uncle Matula teaches him how to survive the wild while still enjoying it. Uncle Matula doesn’t do much and Gyula mostly learns from his many mistakes.  Along the way he makes mistakes like he takes his shirt off and burns himself and he wears sandals instead of boots and cuts his foot. But in the end he becomes a good jungle man.

To watch this film you should be able to read because there are subtitles. Because I know how to read, It was very interesting! I didn’t think I’d like it  as I’ve never watched a movie with subtitles (except French ones but I speak French) so I was hoping the disc was broken so I could just go downstairs and play Lego or something like that.  But as soon you accept the fact that you might not understand every word then it actually turns out to be a really good film!

I think that people who enjoy being outdoors and camping and fishing and hunting and sitting by the fire singing, and all that other fun stuff, will like this film. I live in the city as you probably suspected and I always enjoy whenever I go to the mountains!

I also really liked how they teach you a whole bunch of lessons, even if one of them is don’t smoke and I bet we’ve all heard that one before but you never know.

I really hope kids and their families try to make an effort to see this film because it was really good, so try to see this movie during the festival!!!

 Thorn Castle is playing at Eau Claire Market Saturday, Sept 28th at 11:30am and Sunday Sept 29th at 6:30pm


I’m Going to the Calgary International Film Festival 2013!

As a lot of you probably know the Calgary International Film Festival (or C.I.F.F. for short) is coming up starting September 19th. I am really excited. Why you ask? Because I’m going to take part in some things in the festival.

I’ll be on the jury for the Youth By Youth Competition, a competition where kids ages 8 to 18 make short films and the members of the jury decide which one is the best and then they give the winner an award. My vote will go to a film that’s a bit funny, and that teaches you something.

I’ll also review some of the Family Fare movies like the Legend of Sarila, a 3D animated film set in northern Canada where three Inuit kids set out for an adventure to the promised land to save their clan from starvation. Check out the cool trailer here!

I got invited to the Opening Gala for C.I.F.F. (so of course I went to buy new shoes for it),  this is a party and film on the same night. The film is going to be The Grand Seduction, a funny film set in Newfoundland starring Brendon Gleeson, Taylor Kitsch, Liane Balaban and Gordon Pinsent. The director Don McKellar and  Mr. Gordon Pinsent ( a Canadian acting legend who’s older than my GREAT grandpa!)  will be coming to the opening gala and I hope too see them there.


I also might interview some people on the red carpet like Ashlin Malik (a young actress about my age who stars in a Canadian film that will be screening at the festival called Common Chord) who’s NOT related to Zayn Malik (who’s from One Direction) because Ashlin Malik is from Lethbridge and Zayn Malik is from Yorkshire.

I hope that lots of kids and their families go to the film festival, there will be lots of great movies to see and it’s something fun they could do together!

I can’t wait for the Film festival!

Calgary International Film Festival Sept 19th – 29th