Stranger Things

stranger-things-poster-netflix1Stranger Things

8 Episodes


William Byers was riding home from a ten hour Dungeons and Dragons campaign with his friends Lucas and Dustin (Toothless) at their friend Michael’s house when suddenly William disappears. The next morning, his distraught mother, Joyce Byers calls the Hawkins police department to see what they can do and the group of kids find this mysterious girl named Eleven.  As Hawkins chief of police ‘Hopper’ delves more and more into the case, he realizes things might be stranger than they seem.

I loved this TV series. I was so glad that I could binge watch it. It was almost like watching an 8 hour long movie! At the end of each episode I was so caught up in the story line that I was sitting at the edge of my seat. I could barely wait the 10 seconds it took for the next episode to load.  

My favourite character was Michael’s friend Dustin. He was hilarious and even if he was just a supporting character, the actor who played him did an amazing job. Toothless was always the voice of reason in the group, everyone could always count on him to figure a way out of a tough situation. I know the actor is only a kid but he out-acted almost everyone in the whole show!

I was not a fan of ‘the upside down’; the home of ‘the monster’. It was a little hard to follow when they had scenes that switched between the normal world and the upside down. I kind of wished they had explained the upside down and what Eleven did in it a bit more, but that lack of explaining is what made it so mysterious, so I can hardly dock points off for it.

66-0-0I enjoyed how this show was all about the kids and the kids did most of the story telling. They were good at it too! Props to Eleven for conveying so much emotion without almost any words. That made her character that more unexplainable and mystifying. The group of kids had to deal with some adult situations like taking care of Eleven by themselves and trying to find Will all by themselves.  and they just dealt with them like adults. Who could ask for anything more more?

I thought the flashback scenes to Eleven’s time in the facility were great. I really liked how something seemingly normal would happen and she would get triggered. Then we would see something from her memory that would give us a new clue in the mystery of the show. I loved how the show weaved through the past and the present like it was no big deal and every time we learned something important about the beloved characters of the series.

When the last episode of the season ended I was so sad. They left quite a few doors open for their season two that has already been confirmed and I cannot wait. If you were on the fence about watching this TV series, I highly recommend it. If you’ve already seen it, I recommend you watch it again. If you’ve done all of the above then just bask in the glory that is this TV show.


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