Suicide Squad

12489243_1674589672821667_4430624289856009994_oSuicide Squad

130 Minutes


Superman is dead and government agent Amanda Waller is worried about if the next Superman won’t be so kind. To prepare, she has put together a team of incredibly dangerous people to protect the world. Suddenly, an ancient sorcerer called The Enchantress returns to Earth seeking revenge for her death that was over five hundred years ago. Amanda must summon her team to go and defeat the Enchantress so they can keep this encounter with a meta human top secret. If anything goes awry, the villains get thrown under the bus.

First of all, this film had a really good soundtrack! It went pretty well with the movie and I knew a lot of the songs. For example; they use the song “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace, when they’re introducing Harley Quinn and it really helps give you insight into her personality. Other hits that the filmmakers used in this movie were; “Bohemian Rhapsody” covered by Panic! At the Disco and “Without Me” by Eminem. The songs almost told the whole story because they went so well along with the plot. I would love to see this film as a musical, wouldn’t that have been cool!

My favourite character was Harley Quinn. Props to the filmmakers because they kept Harley Quinn as PG as physically possible without taking away the essence of the character. She was absolutely insane and fearless, yet also incredibly funny. I wouldn’t call her a very good role model for young girls but she was definitely one of the few great things about this film.

I thought this film moved far too slow. The first hour was all about setting up the characters and why the world needs the Suicide Squad but even then, they were kind of walking around and not doing anything except for talking amongst each other for another twenty minutes.

I also did not like the way they explained any of the Suicide Squad’s backstories, except for Deadshot’s. They kept on showing Harley Quinn flashbacks that were just short enough to be confusing and to not explain anything about her. El Diablo’s backstory was okay, but they could have let him lose control a little bit sooner, he was very useless until about the last forty five minutes. Nobody even talked to him. For the other squad members, they just weren’t explained very much at all, and so you couldn’t even be able to remember their names or powers or anything about them at all.

Suicide-SquadComing into the film I was really hoping to enjoy Jared Leto’s Joker, but honestly, his interpretation of the Joker was not my favourite. He seemed far too insane, but just for the sake of being crazy. In my mind, the Joker is supposed to be crazy, but is supposed to be able to snap out of it at least a little bit and be able to make convoluted plans in an attempt wreak havoc upon Gotham City. This Joker’s plans were far less than convoluted. Also, if the editors had kept more of the Joker in the film, we might of seen more of his attempts to help Harley Quinn escape from prison, but because they cut so much of him out, his character as a whole was not properly explained and didn’t really make much sense.

In conclusion, although I still enjoyed the movie, this was probably the worst superhero film I’ve seen this year, but If you just want to go to the theatre for something to do with your friends, I suggest just go see this film.


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