Finding Dory

9213755_origFinding Dory

100 Minutes


Dory has always had trouble remembering things. That’s why she introduces herself with “ Hi, my name is Dory! I have short term memory loss.” But when something triggers a memory of her long lost family she must go on a search to find her parents. With the help of some returning friends like Marlin and Nemo, and some new ones as well, Dory will retrace her path across the ocean.

I liked all the little flashback scenes that were intertwined within the film of Dory’s past life. I loved seeing all the obstacles she had to overcome and how she got to where she was in her life right now.

I also really liked baby Dory. She was so cute! With her big eyes, her little baby voice and her obliviousness to the outside world baby Dory is the cutest character in the film. We could tell how much she looked up to her parents and how much her parents were teaching her how live life like a regular fish without her handicap.

I also really liked Hank. Hank is a septapus from The Jewel of Morro Bay California. He used to be an octopus but he lost one of his tentacles. We don’t really know why he’s so cranky or why he has an affinity for tanks, but we know he’ll help Dory because she has something he wants. Hank doesn’t know that his time with Dory will forever change his life, but by the end, I’m sure he’s grateful that Dory came into his world.


I enjoyed all of the settings Finding Dory had. It wasn’t just in the ocean as one of the places she goes to is the Marine Life Institute with Sigourney Weaver. The fact that they were fish made it incredibly difficult to get around on the inside of the building. I liked all the people Dory met at all the different destinations. It shows that Dory has been to lots of places and has had many adventures. It also shows that everywhere Dory goes, she makes friends.

All in all, I thought Dory was a great film for everyone in the family. It made me laugh, cry and enjoy all the colour. I encourage everyone to go and see it if you haven’t already.

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