Teen Frankenstein

Two People in Silhouete; Shutterstock ID 1733613

Teen Frankenstein

Chandler Baker

325 Pages

3/5 Stars

Victoria Frankenstein and her best friend Owen Bloch have been working on reanimating animals in hope of good marks for their high school science project. They’ve gone through several incarnations of Mr. Bubbles with no results. Then, one day, while Victoria was driving down the highway, Owen texted her the word “Eureka” – the universal code of scientists for a massive breakthrough. Victoria glanced at her phone for only two seconds, then hit a boy. She didn’t just grazed him, but killed him. Not knowing what else to do, Victoria picked him off of the ground, put him in her car and drove back to her house where she called Owen and they attempted to reanimate the body. What a miracle! It worked! Now all they have to do is get him to blend into high school as “Adam Smith”.

This novel had a bunch of super cool science in it! From talking about the reanimation process, to their experiment procedure, and explaining theoretic memory retrieval. It really made the book enjoyable and believable. I also liked how at the beginning of every chapter there was a blurb about the science of the next chapter. I always looked forward to those.

My favourite character was Victoria. I liked her wit and cleverness. She knew very well how smart she was and was not afraid to show it. She was also very proud of her status as a nerd, and not just any nerd, but the Queen of the Nerds – although, she’d probably rather be called the president.

I also enjoyed the growth she demonstrated throughout the novel. At the beginning she truly thought she was a genius and was incapable of making mistakes, but as the plot went along she realized that she was capable of making some giant sized mistakes and that realization made her more humble.

I did not like how there was a secondary conflict aside from the dead boy involving murders going on in their town of Hollow Pines, Texas. I thought that the murders drew the reader’s attention away from the main conflict. The serial killing mystery wasn’t even written very well. All of a sudden there would be random clues coming in with little to no foreshadowing. You can’t have a mystery without foreshadowing!

Another thing I was not a fan of was the character Meg. She is a friend from Adam’s past, but I didn’t like what the author did with her.  Also, she brought out all the bad that Adam was capable of doing and I didn’t like it when Adam got violent. He was too much of like a toddler to kill people.

In conclusion, this book had so much great potential, but it just wasn’t executed very well.  

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