Central Intelligence

central-intelligenceCentral Intelligence

114 Minutes

3/5 Stars

When forensic accountant Calvin Joyner is reunited with an old classmate named Bob Stone from high school, Calvin’s life is turned upside down. Bob used to be the prime bullying victim due to his obesity but now, has completely turned his life around and has become a C.I.A. agent! He has returned to see Calvin for his accounting skills to help solve a mystery about bank codes involving the despicable Black Badger. With the help of Calvin, Bob must capture the Black Badger and conquer fears he’s been hiding since high school.

I enjoyed how funny this film was. It really was the saving grace of the movie. Between Kevin Hart’s jokes about Facebook, his interruptions in a standoff, and how oblivious Dwayne Johnson’s character was to everything, this movie became hilarious.

I really liked Dwayne Johnson’s character Bob Stone or as he was known in high school; Robbie Weirdick. He was very quirky with his fanny pack and fondness of unicorns and that’s what made everyone like him. Even if he’d gotten all muscular since high school, he still kept his personality, which was nice.

I did not appreciate the length of the film. I felt it trailed on for too long. A big part of it being too long were that there were too many twists in the plot. I can’t tell you exactly what those twists are, (because this is a spoiler free zone) but I definitely feel this movie could have been way shorter if their weren’t so many twists. This film did not have to be almost two hours long.

Another thing that I didn’t like was the plot. I thought that they didn’t explain it well enough, it just sounded like a bunch of spy mumbo jumbo; transaction codes, evil person code name, money, coordinates, end of the world. The end. Maybe they could have come up with a more original idea? Or at least explain the one they came up with a little better? As an almost thirteen year old, I did not understand what transaction codes even were.

I liked the end message about bullying awareness and self confidence. I appreciated how it showed that it’s always okay to stand up for yourself, even if it’s twenty years later. However, violence is not always the answer.

To conclude, this movie was pretty funny and I liked the whole anti-bullying message, but I don’t really think that this is a film for young teens and definitely not for kids. A lot of the movie and music references completely went over my head and I didn’t even understand a lot of what they talked about as the problem in the story line. However, I’m sure spy movie loving adults who like to laugh would love to go see this movie.

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