Dorothy Must Die

18053060Dorothy Must Die

Danielle Paige

452 Pages


Amy Gumm wants to leave Dusty Acres, Kansas. She doesn’t like the people she goes to school with, she doesn’t like where she lives, and she doesn’t like the woman her mother has become. All of a sudden, Amy’s trailer home gets swept away by a tornado. Where does her trailer land? In Oz of course! Except not the Oz we all know and love – this Oz has changed, and not for the better. Good witches are bad and bad witches are good. The sky is always dull, the yellow brick road is run down, and there is little magic left in Oz. Who is responsible for all this destruction? Dorothy! When Amy meets the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, they tell her all she must know about Oz; that Dorothy must die.

I really like the creative spin this was on The Wizard of Oz. It took everything that made Oz happy and turned it on its head. I thought that was very cool and made for a completely different story. This interesting twist also made for some amazingly unique imagery. For example, there are holes everywhere in Oz from the magic mining, the sky and sun are no longer bright, but quite dull looking and the grass is grey and patchy. Hardly what Oz looked like in the Wizard of Oz.

My favourite character is Indigo. Indigo is not your typical munchkin, she’s got tattoos, an interesting vocabulary that’s full of profanity, and most of all, she’s got attitude. While Indigo is only at the beginning of the novel, she really represented what Oz has become and is the push Amy needed to help stop Dorothy.

I wasn’t a big fan of the character Pete. He was there to welcome Amy to Oz, when she was in the palace for the first time but then didn’t show up for a while after that. Every so often he might reappear for a little bit but everything he said was confusing. That might of been why he was a character but I didn’t like how he made no sense.

In conclusion, I loved this book. I thought it had some interesting imagery, cool conflicts and creative characters. I definitely recommend this novel to any and all Wizard of Oz fans and fans of fractured fairy tales alike!

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