X-Men: Apocalypse

a23ccff7710a0de11d98d644f271867eX-Men: Apocalypse

147 minutes

3.5/5 Stars

Charles Xavier’s school is thriving. Many students from everywhere around the world are enrolling, including former X-Man Alex Summers’ brother Scott Summer, and telepath Jean Grey. Meanwhile, Magneto is trying to be forgotten and start fresh working in an iron factory and living with his family in Poland. Then, when an ancient mutant known only as Apocalypse rises from an over thousand year sleep, Apocalypse seeks four mutant followers that he calls his “horsemen”, to help him destroy the world as we know it. Professor X, Mystique, Beast and the young new mutants must all work together to try and defeat Apocalypse before the end of the world.

I really liked the way this film started. I thought that they did a good job introducing Apocalypse, Magneto’s new life, and all the new mutants like Angel, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Jean Grey. However, I felt that as the movie went along, the less and less it made sense. They had extraneous details and scenes that were completely irrelevant.   

I did not like Apocalypse. When he awakes in Egypt at the beginning of the film, they make him seem like a crazy old wacko completely unaware of the times. He thinks that the world is horrible because it is led by a group of normal people, instead of one powerful mutant. I also got confused by his powers. Whenever his mutations were explained they would say that he had many powers that he had taken from other mutants. But in the film he really only used a few. Plus, if he had so many powers, why did he need four horsemen?

pjimageMy favourite characters were Angel and Nightcrawler. I thought the way they introduced them both was very cool. I also thought that it was cool that they were each other’s nemesis; the Devil versus the Angel but the Devil was good and the Angel was bad.

I also really liked how once again Magneto was bad and Professor X was good. But as usual, Magneto isn’t completely bad. Whatever Magneto does, he does for a reason. His reasons are not always the best, but he never does anything just because someone else told him to do it. He always does what he feels he needs to do. I really liked the personal growth that Erik had in this film. We have seen him learn about himself the previous films of the franchise, but I think he really learned a lot about what he wants to be and who he wants to be. Magneto is not completely evil, and I think that’s what makes him such a good villain.

All in all, this film was not bad. I don’t really think you need to see it in the theaters but if you’re a huge Marvel fan, you might enjoy it.   



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