111 minutes

2.5/5 Stars

Peter wants to escape from the orphanage he lives in and go find his mother. One night, while Peter and his best friend Nibbs are exploring the head nun’s office, the boys in the dorm room are getting kidnapped by flying pirates! As Peter and Nibbs are trying to get back to their beds they are kidnapped as well. When Nibbs falls out of the sky, Peter is left alone with the pirates.

It turns out the pirates’ destination is Neverland and Peter is set to work for the infamous pirate Blackbeard! After a couple of days in Blackbeard’s mines, Peter catches pirate leader’s eye and is told of a prophecy predicting that ‘the Pan’ will unite the native tribe and kill Blackbeard. He assumes that Peter is ‘the Pan’. Peter, with the help of his new found ally James Hook, must break out of the mines and find the tribe. Once they find the natives, they explain that Peter must first prove he is ‘the Pan’ by flying on his own. Only one small problem. Peter is afraid of heights.

I thought that this film was very pretty. The cinematography was great! Once they got to Neverland there was so much colour! Even the pirates wore tons of colour. When the natives died they even exploded into coloured smoke! It was a wonderful contrast to the bland London scenes where almost everything looked like it was in black and white.

 920_garrett-hedlund-ready-for-critics-of-his-hook-performance-in-pan-6426My favourite character was James Hook, played by Garrett Hedlund. I really enjoyed how he seemed all tough but every time he tried to leave on his own, he ended up just coming back to help Peter and Tiger Lily, the native princess. I also enjoyed his witty humour. He always said something funny. Even if he didn’t mean it. Hedlund did a wonderful job playing a young Hook.

Unfortunately, I thought this film also had a pretty slow beginning. There was a lot the filmmakers felt they needed to introduce in the beginning before things really started going. By the time I thought the beginning had ended, there was only around a half an hour left in the whole movie! That is too long of a beginning, you need to rethink your plot if your beginning is most of the film.  

I also didn’t really like this film because it was incredibly hard to follow. A couple times I had to rewind and watch scenes again because I was confused. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t usually get confused while watching movies, but this one I just couldn’t understand.

I also didn’t understand why while they were in the mines the miners would sing famous songs like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana and ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by the Ramones. How do the people in Neverland even know songs from the other world? Especially when the songs hadn’t even been written in the other world? The film is set during World War Two and both of those songs didn’t come out until way after World War Two.

All in all, although I liked how colourful the film was and I liked the character Hook, that’s about it. I had some pretty high hopes because the trailer made it look great! ‘I’m glad I didn’t use my money going to go see this film in theaters.


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