Captain America: The First Avenger

CapAmerica00104Captain America: The First Avenger                              

2 Hours 4 Minutes


Steve Rogers just wants to serve his country. Never mind the fact that he has asthma, low blood pressure and many, many other health factors that make him incapable of joining the army. On his friend Bucky Barnes’ last day in Brooklyn, a Doctor working for the Scientific Strategic Reserve (S.S.R.) notices Rogers and offers him a second chance: to join the S.S.R’s unit and become a super soldier. On the day of the procedure, a secret Hydra agent sneaks into the building and kills the doctor as soon as the procedure is done. Shocked from the loss of the Doctor, the Colonel of the division tells Rogers to go to the lab for further studies. However, another man offers him a job in publicity and Steve just wants to help his country any way he can, so he puts on a costume to help sell bullets and becomes Captain America.

Tired of selling bullets, Captain America recruits the help of S.S.R. Agent, Peggy Carter and millionaire Howard Stark to try and stop the German Nazis and their science leader Johann Schmidt, otherwise known as ‘The Red Skull’. Schimdt, wants power. Before the doctor turned Steve Rogers into Captain America, he worked for Johann Schimdt,who worked for Adolf Hitler himself. Schmidt ran the German scientific division known as Hydra. Schmidt forced the doctor to give him the super soldier formula. This is when he became ‘The Red Skull’.

I liked this movie very much. I enjoyed the fast paced action and the humour. I especially enjoyed when Bucky and his group come back from being taken hostage in a secret Hydra base and they go to a bar. Then Peggy Carter shows up and wants to dance the Rogers instead of Barnes. This is not a shock for the audience, but an incredible shock for Bucky.

hayley-atwell-peggy-carterMy favourite character is Agent Peggy Carter. I love her because she does a lot of the physical things as well, if not better, than a lot of the men. She knows it too, so when she’s doing physical training with Captain America’s division she saying things like “Come on, ladies” or “My grandmother could do better than that, God rest her soul”.

The one thing I didn’t really like was the part at the beginning when they use Captain America as publicity. I’m not sure if that was in the comics, but I don’t think they needed to have it in the film. Sure, it feeds Steve’s need to want to fight, but we already knew that he wanted to serve his country. I think he should have maybe been put into more training sequences or gone straight to fighting in the war or something. But not into publicity.
All in all, I really enjoyed this film and thought the amount of great parts outweighed the not so good parts.

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