Asp of Ascension

asp of ascensoionAsp of Ascension

BR Myers

350 pages

4/5 Stars

Terry Hughes is just a new kid trying to fit into High School. Well, a kid who has to wear a knee brace at all times to walk, a kid who’s mom died trying to find Cleopatra’s tomb, a kid who’s dad is organizing the biggest museum exhibit their small town has ever seen. So, maybe she isn’t JUST a kid that has High School problems to think about; like trying her best to be avoided by every single human possible while somehow also trying to fit in. Her plan doesn’t go so well. Someone decided to befriend her; Maude Sanchez III, a unicorn loving, candy eating, pink hair wearing, high school girl. A bigger problem troubles Terry too, a Jock by the name of Zach catches Terry’s eye.

Plus, the exhibit that Mr. Hughes is creating comes with it’s own set of problems. When Terry is shown the extent of this display she is practically sworn to secrecy. Her father tells her to tell no one about what’s going to be in the exposition which becomes difficult when the annoying school newspaper co-editor Fraser tries to get information about the exhibit from Terry. She doesn’t really tell him but they become friends as well.

Then suddenly, Terry’s Dad falls into a coma.  With the help of her friends Maude, Fraser and Zach they must figure out what happened to Terry’s Dad before it’s too late.

I really loved this novel because it had the perfect balance between ancient Egyptian mystery and high school life. I simply adored Terry’s struggle in High School life and her out of school life. She was like a smart, awkward high school student trying to fit into high school by day, and daughter of a Egyptologist, female detective by night. Which is why when the two mix together things get messy.

I mean, Maude Sanchez the III, where do I begin? This peppy unicorn enthusiast is by far my favourite character! From her bubbly personality, to her blond hair and pink accents, to her obsession with customizing candy heart messages. This girl was always there for Terry if she ever needed a hand physically or emotionally.

Then there’s Fraser. The incredibly nosy, annoying newspaper co editor. This boy thinks he has the right to about everyone’s lives, any surprise all events going on in the town. It doesn’t help that his brother has certain “connections” to get Fraser any passed newspaper articles from the town newspaper.

Something I didn’t really like was the fact that Fraser’s friendship with Terry felt a little bit forced. I mean, for crying out loud, they met in the boys washroom when Terry accidentally went in there. Then Fraser just used Terry to learn about the new museum exhibit. Then all of a sudden, they’re total besties! That didn’t seem right!

Finally we get to Zach. This basketball jock was Terry’s heart throb throughout the novel. He was usually the problems she had to try and fix at high school. Zach is an extreme jock who’s preferred sport is basketball, he seeks help from Terry and Maude to help him not fail history class so that he can still get a scholarship for basketball.

All in all this book was very good, there were a few hiccups along the way, but it finished oh so dramatically wonderful! I do hope there is a sequel!

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