Director: Kenneth Branagh

Writor: Chris Weitz

Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden

We have all seen the animated version of the classic fairy tale of Cinderella, where a girl named Ella has an evil Stepmother and step sisters. There are glass slippers involved. But, have you ever wondered WHY Cinderella has stepsisters and a stepmother? Ever wondered WHERE her father is, THE ENTIRE TIME? Ever wanted to know why the Prince falls in love with our heroine in the first place? Kenneth Branagh’s version of the age old fairy tail explains it all.

There once was a girl named Ella. She had wonderful parents, a wonderful house and a wonderful life. Then one day her mother fell ill and died. Many years later her father remarried a newly widowed woman, who had two step daughters. Shortly after her father remarried, he died. Ella’s stepmother saw opportunity in Ella and decided to use her. She made Ella do ALL the chores. In this film we see just how far Ella will go to “Have Courage and Be Kind”.

My favourite characters were the Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham Carter) and Drisella (Sophie McShera), one of the step sisters. I loved the fairy godmother because she was quite different from your typical fairy godmother. This one was a bit of an odd ball, she was very quirky. She had her flaws. She almost messed up turning the pumpkin into a carriage and when turning mice into horses she almost fell flat on her face. She almost forgets to warn Cinderella that all the magic will wear off at the last strike of Midnight. I think Helena Bonham Carter played the Fairy god mother beautifully.

Drisella – where to begin? She is very funny. In her own way. She definitely isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, or the most musical. When she tried to play the piano and sing, her own mother said (and I quote) “Oh do shut up!”. Her own mother! Drisella never says the right thing at the right time, and whatever she says, is always silly. She was the sister that through all the cruelty brought a smile to your face, for all the wrong reasons!

Another thing I really enjoyed was how much detail there was in this film. Every single little thing was explained, down to the last mouse. Everything was so refined. What I found the original animated version lacked, was that explanation of key points. Why a pumpkin for a carriage? Why glass slippers? Why are shoes so important? Why does Cinderella not have a real mother? This film answered almost every question there was to ask.

beautiful shoes

Now, we can’t have all our just desserts, this movie wasn’t perfect. The mice didn’t talk! I was incredibly sad the mice didn’t talk (so was my grandpa). I was so prepared to see a new spin on Gus Gus and his friends but all we got to see were silent Gus Gus and his friends. Gus Gus is one of my favourite characters in the animated version. Why didn’t he get a voice?! I was also very sad that there wasn’t any singing. Man I really wanted to see Helena Bonham Carter sing and dance the Bibbity Bobbity Boo song! Now my life will never be complete! But aside from that, the Prince and Cinderella didn’t even dance to “So This Is Love”! The least you could do is put that song in there. I wonder if Kenneth Branagh really loved the animated classic version of this fairy tale as much as I used to!

Now don’t get me wrong. I loved this film! It was very well done. It’s just maybe they could have kept more things from the classic version in into this version.

I loved how family friendly this film was. I think that younger children would like this film, I liked it and my Grandpa liked it. That’s a wide age range that this film had the capability to tap into.  Overall this was a wonderful spin on the old time classic.


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