A Portia Adams Adventure: Thrice Burned

ABLOGTOUR-ThriceBurned-box Portia Adams Adventure Thrice Burned

By Angela Misri

318 Pages

4.5/5 stars

Thriced Burned is the sequel to Jewel of The Thames in the Portia Adams Adventure series. We last saw Portia slowly adapting to her new life of mystery in London and the shocking reveal of her guardian Mrs. Jones actually being Irene Adler, a wanted criminal. On top of that, Irene Adler is her grandmother and who is Adler’s husband? None other than Sherlock Holmes!

Now Portia wonders who she can trust with this enormous secret, her best friend Constable Brian Dawes? Her new found reporter friend Annie Coleson? Her new “friend” Gavin Whitaker? Meanwhile as she’s pondering what to do about her new found heritage she also manages to work on three cases; a string of arson fires, a missing art motive and a missing person case. How she manages to do all of this and still attend a wedding, I will never know.

I haven’t even mentioned Portia’s new dog! That’s right, Portia got a dog, her name is Nerissa. She’s a bloodhound, she’s awesome! She’s the reason why Portia doesn’t descend into a depressed state. She not only made the book a whole lot better, she made Portia’s whole life better!

The new book brought some very interesting new characters. Like Annie Coleson for example. Annie Coleson is a wonderful journalist looking for redemption from a not so good article. She seeks the help of Portia who is not so willing to work with her at first but then finally gives in to the partnership and eventual friendship.


Portia’s love life – such a complicated affair. You have Gavin Whitaker who is constantly spending a large amount of money on Portia and fancy dinners, but whenever Portia sees Annie and Brian all lovey dovey, she gets really, really, jealous. It’s so confusing! Who do you like Portia?!

This book was a very good sequel. The new characters, whom I absolutely adore, add a completely new feel to the series. The new drama from all the romance and the more intense mysteries create a certain level of anxiousness. This book was certainly a page turner.  I cannot wait for the next book. Will it be as good as this one? Will it be better? Who knows? Only Angela Misri.


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