Jewel Of The Thames

Jewel of the thames 2Jewel Of The Thames

Written by Angela Misri

242 Pages

4/5 Stars

Portia Adams must emigrate from Toronto Canada to London England. Before she leaves, a few things happen that she did not expect; her mother leaves her in the care of the mysterious Mrs. Jones, her house gets ransacked by an anonymous person, and she inherits the two story townhouse of 221 Baker Street in London, England, the former home of Dr. John Watson and Detective Sherlock Holmes. Once there she finds herself having to solve three different mysteries; a jewelry theft, the suspicious illness of a judge and his daughter, and finally, the disappearance of child. While she tries to solve all three cases she must solve the biggest mystery of all; her own life. How did this set of circumstances happen, is it all just a coincidence? Or is all part of the will of her late mother?

I especially enjoyed the whole experience of the novel. The storyline seemed realistic and it kept drawing me in. There always seemed to be something going on or something to solve. I simply couldn’t put the book down!

I loved that it was set in 1930s England. I really enjoy that particular time period and I loved what she did with it, giving it a sad and grey atmosphere, but even through the dismal appearance Portia Adams is still in complete awe of it all. I feel like that would be my reaction to London, looking at all of the tourist attractions like the London Eye, and the Thames but also just plain exploring. Portia  also quickly picks one of her favourite places in London and keeps on going back to it, it’s a coffee shop. I think I would do that too.  I have read other books set in London and I feel what Angela Misri did was like nothing I’d ever read before. I don’t know if it was because the main character is Canadian as opposed to British or because it was a mystery novel or if it was because Angela simply wrote it differently.

My favourite character was Brian Dawes. From his charm, to his wit, to his loyalty and friendliness towards Portia. Whenever Portia needed a helping hand he was always willing to help. Brian was always their to make sure Portia could do everything to succeed at whatever she was doing, even when it simply came to her happiness, he was always there.  I want to someday have a friend like that and more importantly, be a friend like that.

This is Angela Misri’s first novel in her YA detective series. The next book in this series is due to come out March 2015 called Thrice Burned. I cannot wait!


One thought on “Jewel Of The Thames

  1. I’m so glad you liked it! Let me know if you want to get in on the blog tour for book 2: Thrice Burned. You get to give away an e-copy on your site PLUS you get an early copy to do a review! Just email me at karmicangie at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

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