Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3: Ep. 11: A new Mystery



NOOO!!!!! This was the last episode of Ruby Skye P.I. Season Three: The Maltese Puppy. I’m so sad.

Everything is back to normal. Well, not quite, Ruby made up with everyone! She and Diana are friends now. I know it’s weird but it’s for the best. It was time they made up and became best buds. Ruby also gave Detective Von Schlagen new socks (because throughout the season whenever Pixel was around him the puppy would pee on him.) Even though Hailey was sad for a little while because Ruby made Hailey give Pixel – I mean Nicki, back to her rightful owner Kat,  but being the wonderful sister Ruby is, she got Hailey a new dog from the animal shelter named Mystery. By the end of the episode I think it’s safe to say that the world has been improved.

One of my favorite characters this season is Mr. Pendergas. I think he’s so funny because he calls other people hooligans and when Diana and Reeny Mussolini give him a candy bomb he yells out; “Thank you, you hooligans, wherever you are!” That part of the season was so funny!

Some things, never change though. We can’t forget about Edmund. Let’s just say Ruby didn’t just make up with Edmund – they made out. Yes, they kissed. Again. Is it now a thing where all season finales of Ruby Skye P.I. end with Ruby and Edmund kissing? Dear people at Ruby Skye P.I., is this going to become a tradition? I’m not going to argue with it being a tradition because it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I just think if they’re going to keep on kissing they should sort out they’re relationship first. I mean, I’m not even 12 yet so I can’t say anything about relationships or anything, but they need to clarify if they’re friends or beyond friends, maybe avoid pretending like the other one of you doesn’t exist and try not to call each other a pain in the butt. Just a little advice.

Every Saturday I looked forward to waiting for the new episode to come out so I could watch it and then write about it. Ruby Skye P.I. is definitely one of my favorite TV series/Web series. I didn’t want this season to ever end. Please let the series never end but let’s not cry because season three is over on TV; you can always watch it all over again and you can re watch season one and season two at, I know that’s what I’ll be doing.


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