Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3: Ep. 10: Honour Among Thieves

Ch 1 Edmund Nothing

Great job Ruby! She got the wacko police officer (Detective Von Schlagen) to arrest Trudy and Mr. Cumberbund for robbing F.O.N.K. but like all things, it isn’t over yet. We still need to know who the buyer is and Ruby needs to tell someone F.O.N.K. is a scam. And let’s not forget the fragile emotional side of things with Edmund and Diana.

My favorite part of this episode is when Zoffi gives Reeny a big orange flower (perfect for Reeny) and with the help of Edmund creates a flash mob. All for Reeny Mussolini. That part was so cute! I wish someone liked me that much to do that! It would be so amazing, how could you ever say no to that?

Will Ruby ever be able to salvage a friendship with Diana? They’ve really been fighting a lot. I think Diana is ready to move on. She did text Ruby that F.ON.K. was a scam. Maybe there is a sprout of a friendship there? But there is only going to be a friendship if Ruby is willing to put behind all the fighting that they’ve been doing over the years.

Sigh, it’s the penultimate episode of the season! (Meaning it’s the second last episode of the season.) I wish it would never end! I wish the season would go on  for all eternity. An infinity season, with countless mysteries. But alas, like all great things Ruby Skype P.I. must end at some point. But, let’s not get all sad and a emotional yet! It isn’t over yet! There’s still one more episode after this one. I will just watch all of the episodes on youtube over and over again in anticipation for the last one!

Until next week!

Visit the Ruby Skye PI website HERE to watch all of the episodes with me.


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