Ruby Skye PI Interview With Hannah Spear – Reeny Mussolini

Reeny MussoliniI recently got the chance to talk to Hannah Spear who plays Reeny Mussolini on season 3 of Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy.  She was really nice to talk to and even though she is an actress who’s been in all sorts of things I found her super relatable and easy-going.

Calgary Kid Critic: What is it like being  new at Ruby Skye P.I.?

Hannah Spear: Being new at Ruby Skye P.I. was very exciting because the first two seasons were so awesome and I was a fan of the show myself before I got cast in it so I was a little intimidated coming on to season 3 but everybody was so sweet; all the writers and director was so sweet, Madison Cheeatow who plays Ruby Skye was so sweet and everybody made me feel so comfortable and so absolutely welcome that after the first hour or so I felt right at home which was really nice.

CKC: Reeny Mussolini isn’t exactly normal when it comes to social interactions are you anything like Reeny personally or socially?

HS: Yes! Absolutely I Ch 2 We're Out of Coffeecan really relate to Reeny she’s so awkward. I think that what I really love about her is she seems to get flustered very easily and I find in social situations I can get a little flustered myself and become overwhelmed and something will just blurt out of my mouth and I’ll want to take it back immediately and be like uhh, excuse myself now uh oh, but I think that we are very similar in that way we’re both pretty awkward in some situations.

CKC: Would you like to be an actress as a professional career?

HS: Absolutely yes 100%, yes! I love acting it’s my passion. It makes me so happy.

CKC: What inspired you to become an actress?

HS: Hmm, that’s a good question, my mom put me in plays when I was younger and I just really loved making people laugh.  I think it was the first thing I sort of got addicted to, having everyone’s attention and being able to make them laugh and lighten the mood.  I watch a lot of movies, I’m a big fan of movies myself so I guess whenever I go see a movie in a movie theater I would chill and always just imagine it was me up there playing a superhero or flying a plane or getting to do all these different things that I had imagined in my mind and could maybe make them sort of a reality?  But not really because it would be acting._MG_5626

CKC: A lot of the other cast members of Ruby Skye P.I. go to school, are you one of them?

HS: I’m not, I’m not in school, I graduated Highschool many years ago and I guess I’m in the school of the streets I mean I’m still learning all the time and I do take acting classes so I guess that is a sort of school but I’m not in school.

CKC: Have you been in anything else other than Ruby Skye P.I.?

HS: Yes I have.  I was in a web series called S.O.S. and in another web series called Versus Valerie in that one I played Valerie I was the main character and she is a really awesome nerd girl who loves Star Wars and video games and comic books and it’s about the world through her eyes and so it was pretty fun.

CKC: How do you prepare for a role?

HS: Well I guess It’s hard to explain, on one hand it’s so specific for each character that I play.  I do research if I can and I do physical movement to get my body in a different physicality for each character.  I guess the first thing that I do is I try to figure out all the ways I’m similar to the character and all the ways that I’m completely different and I try and build on either side of things.ruby5_3_edit

CKC: How did you come to be Reeny Mussolini?

HS: I auditioned.  I sent in an audition tape and then I got a call back where I met with Jill Golick (the creator of Ruby Skye P.I.) and Kelly Harms (Producer) and I guess they liked my audition and they cast me, Yay!

CKC: Now that the season is being aired on TV are you going back to your normal routines?

HS: Yes, for the most part life is as it was before but it’s fun because I get to watch the episodes too and I get to see how it all came together so that’s really fun for me.

CKC: Do you have a new normal from before you were an actress then now?

HS: I don’t think so I think I’m always just Hannah, kind of changing and adapting to new situations that I’m presented with but for the most part, life is pretty much the same.

CKC: Do you have any role models?

HS: Yes! My number one role model is Meryl Streep, she’s pretty awesome, I love her. She is my favorite actress and I think she is so cool. I also have friends who I really admire and who are great and who work really hard and I find inspiring as artists. My mom is a big role model of mine actually because she’s a really strong woman, super funny and she’s always so positive and she’s always supported me and I’ve supported her.

CKC: Do you kno_MG_5331w if their will be another season of Ruby Skye P.I. and if you’ll be in it?

HS: Well I don’t know the answer to either of those questions, I’m not sure if they’ll be another season and I don’t know if maybe Reeny will make an appearance.  Maybe her really caffeinated self will make an appearance but who even knows. I don’t know? But that would be awesome though.

Well, Thanks again Hannah Spear for taking the time to talk to me and I hope we will have the chance to talk again.

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