Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3: Ep. 9: The Smoking Poop


Mrs. GoogeSo Hailey has been kidnapped. With the help of Kat, Pixel’s REAL owner and absolutely no help from detective Von Schlagen, Ruby finds out that  Mr. Cumberbund and Trudy Snood captured Hailey.  When Ruby finds Hailey Mr. Cumberbund finds Ruby and by the end of the episode Ruby is captured too!!!

I love how Mrs. Googe plays along to the fact that she thinks Ruby is a horrible person just because she wants to do the right thing. Even if it means breaking her sister’s heart. Ruby just wants to make things right. She just wants to give Pixel or Nicki or Fluffy or what ever the heck that cute little dog’s real name is back to Kat the little girl.

I don’t understand why the police officer always says “roll your eyes at your mother like a Von Schlagen and glovenormal teenager” or “throw your cloths on the floor like a normal teenager” or “go slam some doors like a normal teenager.” Detective Von Schlagen; Ruby Skye is NOT a normal teenager. Stop asking her to be like one?

I am so excited for the next episode I hope that Ruby and her sister will meet the buyer that Trudy was talking about. I wonder who that is? The ice cream man from season one? No it can’t be him, he is way too nice. He gave away his lucky hat to someone who really needed it. He would never illegally buy stolen flobbles.  Someone else from The Big Chill? Maybe but we’ve only really seen one other person at the big chill that works there. The random guy that worked at the till when Zoffi wasn’t there. Maybe it’s Griffin from season one? But he’s too young. Maybe it’s the people who were trying to scam everybody in Season One?

Ruby Skye P.I.  started on Youtube in 2010.  There’s been two other seasons. Season One: The Spam Scam about the fake nigerian prince scam for money via a fake charity for animals in need and Season Two: The Haunted Library about a crazy old lady that mysteriously dies and leaves a puzzle for a will, Ruby must find the will before either members of the old lady’s crazy descendants. I think it was good then and it has only gotten better! 


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