Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3 Ep. 8: Mean Girl

pup and girlsHailey escaped to Mrs. Googe’s house! She was in there to hide from Ruby but when Ruby gets to Mrs. Googe’s house she finds out that Hailey is in trouble! Hailey left a red hair elastic – that’s the secret sister signaling system for danger!

Still no word yet about the Flobble thief. Darn! I really thought it was Mr. Cumberbund because everyone else was proven innocent. Mr. Cumberbund looked Ruby straight in the eye and he didn’t even twitch or scratch. Plus, he has an alibi with proof. We did see little smirk from him at the end of his conversation with Ruby as soon as she closed the door though. I’m so torn! But if he didn’t steal the flobbles who did?!

Oh, that mean girl Diana talked about in her diary is actually Ruby. As in Ruby Skye! I guess they’ve both been at each others throats. But still? I always assumed Diana started it.

On the emotional side of things, Ruby is starting to find out that her craving for mystery might be alienating her friends. Edmund and the police officer think she’s a pain in the butt, her own sister thinks she’s a soulless monster and Diana thinks she’s the meanest person in the world! You could basically sum up Ruby’s personal life like this: Everyone thinks she really mean and annoying.

Not only does this season’s mystery keep me at the edge of my seat but there’s so much drama too! They sure have pulled out all the stops for this. Wait?! If they are pulling out all of the stops for this season is that saying there won’t be anymore seasons?  I certainly don’t want that to happen! I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Be sure to visit the Ruby Skye PI Site HERE! It’s got all of the episodes of Ruby Skye so far, even from Season 1 and 2!


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