Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3 Ep. 6: Cat and Mouse Games


It turns out that Diana and Reeny  were just making candy bombs and giving them anonymously to people who needed cheering up. So Reeny’s out of the question as a suspect and Mr. Cumberbund couldn’t have done it either, as his alibi is airtight. He told the police exactly what he was doing the night of the robbery and he has proof. Which only leaves… Zoffi, Edmund’s friend. While he did look Ruby in the eye and say he did not rob F.O.N.K. there was a Flobble in the basket for donations to Uganda which Zoffi is organizing. Just when Ruby finds that out, the weirdo police officer comes by. He sees the flobble and grabs Zoffi by the arm and takes him to police headquarters for questioning.

How’s Ruby going to tell Edmund? Hey! How come Edmund isn’t helping with the mystery anymore? And why is he hanging out with Hailey and her dog? Why hasn’t the owner of Pixel (the dog) come to get her? Why hasn’t Ruby done anything with the shredded paper she found in Mr. Cumberbund’s office? How did Zoffi get a flobble if he didn’t rob F.O.N.K.?  All questions I hope to be answered in the next episodes.

This episode was both exciting and funny, like when Ruby is following Reeny Mussolini and a little girl named Kat is following Ruby. But it’s also serious like when Zoffi looks Ruby straight in the eye to say he did not rob F.O.N.K.. My favorite part is when Ruby shows the police officer, who’s named detective Von Schlagen, the recording of Reeny and Diana’s conversation. He says the recording is illegal and he plugs his ears while simultaneously saying “Puppies and kittens” over and over and over!

My favorite character so far is Hailey and her puppy. I love that Hailey is over-protective  with Pixel, the stolen puppy. She does all sorts of crazy stuff. She sleeps with her puppy, she puts a hoodie on the dog when its cold and she Google’s if eating grass is ok for a dog when she sees that Pixel has pooped some grass.

This is so exciting!!! A friend as a suspect? Genius! You never want the friend to be the culprit but when he is, that’s when friendships are broken. I predict some yelling and name calling in episode seven.

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One thought on “Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3 Ep. 6: Cat and Mouse Games

  1. Wow! You are asking all the right questions, Fiona. All to the questions Ruby is asking herself right now.
    I love the line “puppies and kittens” too. It was Julie’s idea and it was one of the first lines we wrote for Detective Van Schlagen.

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