Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3 Ep. 5: The Key Element

Ruby hides under the desk narrowerOh No! Zoffi is suspect number two! He basically worships the floor Reeny Mussolini walks on and he won‘t tell Ruby where he was on the night of the Flobbery.

Ruby steals Zoffi’s keys and makes copies of them so she can get into to F.O.N.K. to investigate Reeny Mussolini’s office. At F.O.N.K. she finds Diana Noughton’s  diary. Then she continues on to Mr. Cumberbund’s office and retrieves Edmunds spy camera.  Finally she goes into Reeny’s office. She does not find anything there but get’s herself trapped in Reeny Mussolini’s office. For some reason  Reeny’s come to sleep in her office. Wow! Ruby’s getting locked in a whole lot of offices!

Ruby turns the ringer off on her phone and starts to read Diana’s diary. It seems that Diana is mean to Ruby because someone else is mean to Diana!  I wonder who that is? Diana doesn’t even want to go to school anymore! Just then Reeny’s phone rings and she wakes up to answer it. We don’t know who she talks to but Ruby gets more evidence that Reeny is one who stole the Flobbles. She tells the person on the phone to bring the coffee . . . and the bomb!

Bomb?! What a cliffhanger! Even though having a bomb is kind of cliché, it totally came out of nowhere. I love how unpredictable this season is. It seems like I am permanently on the edge of my seat! It’s impossible to make predictions! If I had to make a guess on something I would say that Reeny Mussolini is definitely the culprit.  I’ve never seen anything this entertaining on regular TV. This season is the best one yet and we are only on episode five!  I am itching to see the next episode which comes out next Saturday!

Check out past episodes and other cool Ruby Skye PI stuff on their website HERE.



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