Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3 Ep. 4: Everyone’s a Suspect

Reeny MussoliniRuby escaped! But only because Edmund buys Ruby some time by dancing in front of Mr. Cumberbund (Sean Cullen) and the police officer. She manages to put a tiny camera, that she takes from Edmund’s backpack, in Mr. Cumberbund’s office to spy on the police officer as he interrogates Mr. Cumberbund and Reeny Mussolini. Ruby and Edmund soon find their first suspect via the camera. It’s Reeny Mussolini, one of the two employees that get payed to work at F.O.N.K.. In case you’re wondering who Reeny Mussolini is, she is the overly coffee obsessed lady that got coffee samples from Zoffi.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Edmund also run into Diana Noughton, possibly the meanest girl in the history of Mean Girls. Turns out Diana has been replacing all of Ruby’s puppy posters with posters about the F.O.N.K. robbery. What is that all about? Other than the fact that Diana wants to ruin Ruby’s life in any and all ways possible. See what I mean by mean girl? But what’s a web series without someone who’s a total pain and just happens to pop up at the worst of times?

 My favorite part is when Edmund starts to dance spontaneously. He doesn’t do toobad of a job. He’s got some moves. I mean he did get put on the spot. I’m starting to see why Ruby likes him.

 Did you know the person who plays Diana Noughton is named Elena Gorgevska? I interviewed her after Season Two finished and she  told me she originally auditioned for Ruby but was cast as Diana. She is a super cool person and is really interesting because she has always wanted to act but also likes to tell stories. When she is not being a part of what is in my opinion the greatest web series on earth she goes to school, hangs out with friends and tries to write stories on her own!  Go Elena!



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