Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3 Ep. 3: Things Get Beard

Edmund rocks itEpisode Three of Season Three: “The Maltese Puppy: Things Get Beard” –   We find Ruby recruiting Edmund, who was talking to the guy who gave the overly coffee-obsessed lady the coffee samples in the last episode, to help with trying to find more information on the robbery. The guy’s name is apparently Zoffi.

Instead of asking questions about the robbery, she decides to dress up as a guy with a really weird beard. She starts formulating a plan when she sees Mr. Cumberbund shredding some paper. She decides to get Edmund to ask Mr. Cumberbund some questions about the history of F.O.N.K. and what their company goals are to be a distraction.  All the while Ruby is stealing shredded and non shredded papers from Mr. Cumberbund’s office. Then the guy who kept on saying the crime scene was his crime scene comes and asks if he could ask Mr. Cumberbund some questions in private (so he is a police officer! I had some doubts.) He says the police offer can join him in his office – but  Ruby (or Rubin since she still has the beard on) is still in there!!!!

Puppy update: Ruby has made posters and put them up all over town! She also made Hailey take Pixel to the vet to check if she’s micro chipped since the dog has no collar. Finally she gets Hailey to call the Humane Society to see if they have had any lost dog reports or anything.

I enjoyed this episode very much! I loved how engaging it was! I couldn’t look away! Then with the cliffhanger at the end – these episodes just keep getting better and better! I’m interested to see how they’re going to get Ruby out of the pickle she’s put herself in with her disguise. This one seems to be pretty extreme. Well I guess I’ll just have to wait until episode 4!


Watch Ruby Skye P.I. on Saturday mornings at 9am on Kids CBC or go to the RUBY SKYE PI WEBSITE  to watch all the episodes so far!



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