Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3 Ep. 2 The Flobbery

As Ruby Skye searches for more clues in the mysterious crime scene during Episode two of the Maltese Puppy (season 3)  she finds some more important facts:

F.O.N.K., the Friends Of Needy Kids who help children  that got hit by disasters, has been robbed. Someone took their entire stock of Flobbles; the season’s biggest toy, and whoever took them didn’t break in, they broke out. It was an inside job.

Just to recap:

Ruby accidentally lets some dogs run around in a crime scene and she also accidentally gets Hailey a dog at the same time. The Crime scene is a robbery and F.O.N.K. was the one who got robbed. All of F.O.N.K.’s Flobbles were filched! Who ever robbed F.O.N.K. did not break in, they broke out.

Oh! And Hailey named her dog Pixel and has trained Pixel to do some tricks like come when she hears her name called.

My favorite part of the episode is when someone from The Big Chill; a coffee store three blocks away from F.O.N.K., offers someone from F.O.N.K.  a sample of coffee. It was intriguing. Why would someone be giving out free coffee? She says yes and takes them all and puts them into her empty coffee mug. Later we find out that she is obsessed with coffee.

Marlee Maslove (Hailey Skye) is very committed to acting when I interviewed her for season two I asked her if she liked to act and she said she did very, very much. Marlee and I had a chat about Les Miserables and how would she cut or dye her hair for a role and she said “ If I got a role like Fantine then I certainly would!” Wow! When I grow up I want to find something that I love that much!

After I interviewed Marlee, I interviewed Madison Cheeatow. She said that when they were filming season two since she was there everyday so she got to talk to everybody. She said that filming Ruby Skye P.I. is a very family like environment. I wonder how Madison Cheeatow (Ruby Skye) is coping with the new atmosphere now that CBC has taken over Ruby Skye P.I.?

Fun Fact: It’s nice to see Madison Cheeatow do something else besides Ruby Skye P.I.  and she did, during the break she was in two episodes of Heartland.


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