Ruby Skye P.I. Season 3: The Maltese Puppy Ep. 1

Last Saturday, the first episode of season three of my favourite show came out! I’m soooo Happy! I have been waiting for ever! For those of you who don’t know, Ruby Skye is a teenage private investigator who finds that everything around her is intriguing. In the first season we find her solving her neighbourhood scam mystery. In season two we find her trying to riddle out a will written by a crazy old lady who owned a library that might be haunted. I was hoping that season three would be like the first two seasons but with a slight twist.  Season two’s twist making it very different from season one  was about a haunted library. That haunting always lurking in the back of the story makes it have a spooky feeling .

So I’m excited to see what kind of interesting twist they put in this season. In both season’s their was a crazy old lady, both had a guy that Ruby likes and both had a really weird mystery that Ruby had to solve.

In the first episode of the new season, we see Ruby Skye walking a bunch of dogs for her younger sister Hailey when she comes across a crime scene. She asks the man claiming “It’s his crime scene” what happened and  he doesn’t tell her. That’s when all the dogs she’s walking run into the area where the crime happened and cause trouble. After she’s wrangled every last dog and returned them all to their appropriate owners she seems to have one extra dog. Ruby gives it to Hailey who falls in love with it and wants to keep it. Ruby and Hailey walk to the dog park to try to find the owner of the dog. Then Ruby takes a look at the mysterious crime scene and she notices that the crazy man is not at the crime scene anymore. Then…. The episode ends! Just like that! Talk about a cliff hanger!

I loved the part in the first episode when Ruby Skye gives back Mrs. Couch’s dog, which turns out to be fake. I don’t know how she handled Spartikus (the dog), he wiggles around so much!

Now I can’t wait for the next episode that comes this Saturday!

You can see Ruby Skye PI every Saturday morning  at 9 am on Kids CBC.

Visit the Ruby Skye PI website here  for more info on the show and other fun stuff!


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