The Book Thief

I just finished this really awesome book called The Book Thief.

100 Best Children's Books - The Book Thief

It’s about a nine year old girl named Liesel Meminger who is on a train to Molching, Germany to live with foster parents and her six year old brother in Nazi Germany. All of a sudden her brother gets sick and dies during the trip, she finds a book in the snow called The Gravedigger’s Handbook. With the help of her new foster father, Hans Hubermann, she learns how to read and love words. With the help of her friend Rudy Steiner, who may or may not be in love with her, Leisel starts stealing anything they can get their hands on: apples, potatoes and even cookies. It just so happens that wherever cookies are found, books tend to show up.

I thought that the fact that Death was a narrator was really cool! You got Death’s point of view while learning about the characters. The sad thing is that whenever there was something good and you think that the rest of the book is going to be nice, then all of a sudden, BOOM! Something bad happens.

I also really liked how it is set in Nazi Germany. It teaches you that not all Germans that were alive in World War II were bad, in fact very few of them in Molching were bad.

This book is very depressing so I don’t really have a favorite part but  I do like whenever Rosa Hubermann, also known as Mama, calls someone a saukerl, saumench, or a butt hole, in German. You all know what I mean.

My favorite character was either Rudy or this kid with a massive ear infection named Tommy Muller. I really liked how Rudy wasn’t afraid to say whatever was on his mind to Leisel even if it was calling her a saukerl  or asking for a kiss. I also like how he isn’t afraid to do the impossible like dress up like Jesse Owens or win four running races in one afternoon. I like Tommy Muller because he’s so careless, he twitches, and has the worst ear infection ever!  

I also liked how Mr. Zuzak used a lot of German words and then doesn’t say the English translation. For a longtime I thought that half of the women names were Frau but it turns out that Frau actually means Mrs. in German!

I didn’t like how Markus Zuzak (A.K.A. Death) kept on spoiling the end. He kept on saying really sad parts in the middle instead of the end. I still cried though.

This book is really sad and has swears in it so I suggest you ask for your parents permission to read it.

Warning: Keep a box of tissues near by each time you read this book, especially at the end.

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