C.I.F.F. 2013 at a Close

CIFFA week ago, CI..I.F.F. ended. It was really fun. I got to do all sorts of interesting things,from talking to Gordon Pinsent, To watch all sorts of movies from all around the world to being a juror for the Youth By Youth Competition also known as the YYC. Thank you so much Mrs. Jenn Cecconi, the director of the YYC, for choosing me to be a juror.

If you’re wondering what the YYC is, it’s a competition where kids ages 8 to 18 compete against each other to see who makes the best short films. The three categories were, best overall, best local live action and best local animation. here were a lot of new filmmakers and I think that next year here will be a lot more competition,  so don’t give up!

We chose HB to win the award for best overall, which is about the dangers of dropping your pencil at your Math 30 exam.

Death be Not Proud won the award for best local live action. It’s basically a music video but what she did with the camera was really difficult, and she made some awesome references to some really good poets whom I’ve never heard of.

Guardian won best local animation. It was about a cat guarding it’s owner from the dark clutches of evil spirits.

It was really cool being a member of the jury! You feel important and professional! l think that being a juror also has it’s responsibilities, you have to say your opinion even if your opinion doesn’t get to make it to the final decision. and you have to think of why you didn’t’ like what you didn’t like and why you liked what you liked.

I thought that my favorite movies in all of the festival (that I saw) were probably The Legend of Sarila and Common Chord. Oh and The Grand Seduction, I hope that you read why I liked them so much but in case you haven’t, yet, here’s why:

I liked The Legend of Sarila because the animation of Nunavut was really pretty and I liked how it had something from every genre. I also got to talk to the director Nancy Savard. She’s really nice and reminded me of my grade two teacher.

I liked Common Chord because it was very emotional and I could feel everyone’s feelings, whether it was confusion, anger, sadness, annoyance, or pure RAGE!!! Everyone did a really good did a really good job at portraying their characters.

I liked the Grand Seduction because it was really funny, and yet at the same time it was sad. Who knew that Gordon Pinsent was funny, and all he really did was give one or two word answers!

Even though I got to see all sorts of movies, and be a member of a jury, none of it can top talking to someone you hopefully you have all heard of – he’s Canadian, he’s older than a lot of people I know, and he’s an actor. No not Christopher Lee, he’s not Canadian. Not Christopher Plummer but that would also be awesome. Yes, finally, I got to talk to Gordon Pinsent!

Oh ya, and Don McKellar, he’s also really nice.

It was so fun to interview people on the red carpet.

Come back next year to the Calgary International Film Festival!

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