Common Chord at CIFF 2013

COMMON-CHORD_WEBI was lucky enough to get to see the Southern Alberta film Common Chord at the 2013 Calgary International Film Festival.  Here’s what I thought about this film about people trying to be a family.

Common Chord is about a man who became a dad (Jason Cermak) at a very young age to a girl who is already in grade school. He’s trying to learn how to be a parent without the help of the mother, because the mother is passed away, along with the grandmother. To make it harder for the dad, the child is a girl named Teigan (Aslin Malik). So where does the motherly support come from? I’m so glad you asked! It comes from a social worker. Before we get to that part though I have to tell you more about the dad, Kyle Foster. Kyle Foster has always dreamed about becoming a professional musician like his best friend, but in order to do that he thinks he has to move to LA. So why doesn’t he just take off with the kid with no grandma or mom? So glad you asked, it’s because the child’s grandfather (Pete Seadon) Is trying to take possession of Teigan! That’s where the motherly support of the social worker who belongs to both sides of this case comes in.

Through Teigan, The grandpa and Kyle must learn to accept their differences and love Teigan and each other in order to keep Teigan from going to foster care!

My favorite part is when Kyle comes to Teigan’s school and brings a dessert for ancestor day. Nothing sounds wrong with that right? Now think for about five seconds about anyway Kyle could have messed up,  O.K. times up! If you said it could have had nuts in it than ding ding ding! Five imaginary points for you! Everybody knows you can’t bring nuts to school! Then when Kyle and Teigan go to the park together he apologized to Teigan and she says, “That’s ok,Grandpa brought this thing that was really disgusting!”

I really liked how Common Chord was a true Albertan film. It was filmed in Lethbridge, most of the cast was from Lethbridge and it looked like a small town in Canada.  I like it when I can relate to films because they are set near my home!

I thought that Ashlin Malik did a great job as Teigan in this film and did a really good job acting, I can’t believe that this is her first film she acted in. Ashlin Malik is such a good actress, I cannot wait for what she does 10 years from now!

I also thought that Jason Cermak was also really good at portraying Kyle, I could totally feel his pain and agony! When he kicks the trash can when he throws out the dessert he looks like he felt like he really messed up (and he did) and that there’s no way to take custody of Teigan now. It was almost as good as in the Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers, when Viggo Mortensen kicks the orc helmet right at the camera and yells out in pain because he feels like he has failed Merry and Pippin. (Fun Fact! Viggo Mortensen actually broke two of his toes during that scene and that’s the take they actually used in the film!)

I think that everybody under seven would enjoy this film, while people seven to twelve might really feel Teigan’s confusion. People twenty to forty would feel Kyle’s pain. People fifty and up would understand why the grandpa is doing what he does. So there’s something for the whole family. I hope you go see it on the last day of the film festival.


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