Lad: A Yorkshire Story at CIFF

Lad A Yorkshire StoryYesterday at the Calgary International Film Festival I watched Lad: a Yorkshire Story. It was very sad. 😦  It’s about a 13 year old boy named Tom who’s life is about to drastically change.


In the middle of a soccer match he’s playing he gets informed that his dad died. That night the rest of his family, (his mom and his brother) all have dinner together, it’s at the dinner table where Tom’s mother says that the bank is going to take their house in Yorkshire. Tom and Nick, his older brother, are heartbroken. Nick decides to joins the army. Tom is so sad that he doesn’t want to go to school,  then he feels bad that he isn’t going to school and so he steals a poop tractor to drive to school. First he stops at the bank with the  mean man that is trying to take his family’s house where he deliberately shoots poop all over the bank. Then a policeman notices it and he also is driving without a license, under age to drive and all that bad stuff. So Tom is given 10 weeks of duty with a park ranger. Together with the ranger Tom learns that with all bad things, there is a good thing that comes with it.

You know how most movies pretend that their topic is real, but everyone in the audience except maybe the two year olds, know it’s not? Well this movie felt so real it COULD have been a true story! that’s one of the many reasons that I liked it.

I also liked it because it was set in Yorkshire and the people in the film actually spoke with a heavy accent which is good because I like it when movies pay attention to details. It makes movies like Lad more realistic and shows the people behind it put in lots of efforts.

I really liked it but it had swears in it! Which is one of the reasons people who are under the age of 10 should NOT go see this movie. It is also very depressing so if you don’t like depressing movies don’t watch this film. Those of you who are OK with sad movies and don’t mind a few swears should go see this film which is replaying on Thursday.

I also thought that the actors did a really good job at pretending that they’re crying but they’re actually just acting. I think that that is the hardest of all acting. When your character is feeling sad, and you have to portray that sadness to the audience and make them believe that it’s real, that your character is actually sad and like I said, they have to try and make the audience believe in whatever they tell you. Even if they said unicorns are coming to destroy us with a bunch of gummy bears. The best actors make it so that we the audience would believe that.

I also really liked the scenery, it was very,very beautiful. I was almost in awe of how pretty it was. Who knew that the hills of Yorkshire were so pretty with lovely rocks?

This was just lovely and entertainingly sad. It’s one of those movies that make you want to cry and then hold back your tears because maybe nobody else in the theatre is.

If you can, make an effort to see this film on Thursday and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

One thought on “Lad: A Yorkshire Story at CIFF

  1. Hey young fella, thank you for such a fantastic review, I’m Alan Gibson, the actor who played “Al Thorpe”. I’m so glad you enjoyed the film, we all worked very hard to make it as real as we could and when someone like you tells us how much they’ve enjoyed it, it makes it all worthwhile. I’ve been to Calgary and the people were really friendly, if you get to Yorkshire I’ll personally take you round and show you where it was filmed. Thanks again, Al.

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