At the CIFF 2013 Red Carpet Gala

On Thursday I got the opportunity to go to the red carpet and gala for the Calgary International Film festival. You might have heard that I got to interview some people like Gordon Pinsent and Don McKellar, but I also got to interview Bruce Fletcher, Ashlin Malik and Anna Quick.

We all had to dress up really fancy with poofy dresses and makeup and tuxedos. I felt like a doll.


At the red carpet there were lots and lots of channels interviewing and filming and taking pictures. Even FashionTV was there!  A photographer from the Calgary Herald was there and asking me questions.

Here’s what Bruce Fletcher, the director of programing at C.I.F.F., had to say:

Me: What’s your favorite part about the red carpet?

BF: My favorite part about the red carpet is meeting people who love movies like you. People who love movies like you grow up to be people who love movies like me, so I want all the kids out there to know that we have Saturday matinees of great kids movies so if you can  tell your readers that we love to show movies to kids I would love that very much.

Just being at the side of the red carpet feels just plain crazy! I’m sorry I can’t explain it very well but the feeling is very unique.  I don’t know how the stars do it because they’re being swarmed by questions on the red carpet!


The feature film was The Grand Seduction. It was awesomely funny! The Grand Seduction is about a tiny harbor off the coast of Newfoundland and they need a doctor – by any means necessary, even if it means lying, and they do that a lot. Not just for the sake of having a doctor but also so they can have a factory to get jobs for the 120 people that live there.


My favorite character Simon, (Gordon Pinsent) he’s really funny and my favorite Simon moment is when Murray (Brendan Gleeson) asks Simon if he’ll visit him in town. All Simon said was “Nope.”

I also liked when one of the townsfolk said to Dr. Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) “I have athlete’s foot, and it’s creeping to my leg,  and you know I’d like it to stop before it comes any further.”

What I loved about this film is that they never try to be funny – they just are. Like my favorite Simon moment.

I really hope I get invited to the red carpet again next year because I’d like to relive just being their. When the people stop to answer your question it feels like you’re important in a way, even if you’re not.


I really hope you all make an effort  to see as many films at the festival as you can. Tomorrow I am on the jury for the Youth by Youth film competition and I hope to see you there!

malik & quick

Shout out to Ashlin Malik and Anna Quick for being awesome!   

2 thoughts on “At the CIFF 2013 Red Carpet Gala

  1. Thanks for being so awesome!
    I really enjoyed meeting you and speaking to you on the Red Carpet. Thanks for talking to me!
    And you’re quite right – it does feel ‘just plain crazy’ to be up there. 🙂
    See you at the movies!
    Your loyal reader,

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