Don’t Be Scared of Subtitles, Movies from Other Countries are Cool Too.

Thorncastle_A0_no_logos_WEBOne of the family fare films coming to CIFF 2013 is called “Thorn Castle”. It’s a movie made in Hungary about a boy from the city going to the countryside for summer vacation to learn how to survive in the wild. His name is Gyula. His uncle Matula teaches him how to survive the wild while still enjoying it. Uncle Matula doesn’t do much and Gyula mostly learns from his many mistakes.  Along the way he makes mistakes like he takes his shirt off and burns himself and he wears sandals instead of boots and cuts his foot. But in the end he becomes a good jungle man.

To watch this film you should be able to read because there are subtitles. Because I know how to read, It was very interesting! I didn’t think I’d like it  as I’ve never watched a movie with subtitles (except French ones but I speak French) so I was hoping the disc was broken so I could just go downstairs and play Lego or something like that.  But as soon you accept the fact that you might not understand every word then it actually turns out to be a really good film!

I think that people who enjoy being outdoors and camping and fishing and hunting and sitting by the fire singing, and all that other fun stuff, will like this film. I live in the city as you probably suspected and I always enjoy whenever I go to the mountains!

I also really liked how they teach you a whole bunch of lessons, even if one of them is don’t smoke and I bet we’ve all heard that one before but you never know.

I really hope kids and their families try to make an effort to see this film because it was really good, so try to see this movie during the festival!!!

 Thorn Castle is playing at Eau Claire Market Saturday, Sept 28th at 11:30am and Sunday Sept 29th at 6:30pm

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