I’m Going to the Calgary International Film Festival 2013!

As a lot of you probably know the Calgary International Film Festival (or C.I.F.F. for short) is coming up starting September 19th. I am really excited. Why you ask? Because I’m going to take part in some things in the festival.

I’ll be on the jury for the Youth By Youth Competition, a competition where kids ages 8 to 18 make short films and the members of the jury decide which one is the best and then they give the winner an award. My vote will go to a film that’s a bit funny, and that teaches you something.

I’ll also review some of the Family Fare movies like the Legend of Sarila, a 3D animated film set in northern Canada where three Inuit kids set out for an adventure to the promised land to save their clan from starvation. Check out the cool trailer here!

I got invited to the Opening Gala for C.I.F.F. (so of course I went to buy new shoes for it),  this is a party and film on the same night. The film is going to be The Grand Seduction, a funny film set in Newfoundland starring Brendon Gleeson, Taylor Kitsch, Liane Balaban and Gordon Pinsent. The director Don McKellar and  Mr. Gordon Pinsent ( a Canadian acting legend who’s older than my GREAT grandpa!)  will be coming to the opening gala and I hope too see them there.


I also might interview some people on the red carpet like Ashlin Malik (a young actress about my age who stars in a Canadian film that will be screening at the festival called Common Chord) who’s NOT related to Zayn Malik (who’s from One Direction) because Ashlin Malik is from Lethbridge and Zayn Malik is from Yorkshire.

I hope that lots of kids and their families go to the film festival, there will be lots of great movies to see and it’s something fun they could do together!

I can’t wait for the Film festival!

Calgary International Film Festival Sept 19th – 29th



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